Beirut Babylon – Feb 2011

These days you’ll see plenty of burkas around Beirut, sometimes in unexpected places, such as the Hamra waiting room of plastic surgeon Tarek W. Husami. A favorite of the Botox-crazed social set (this is a town where banks offer cosmetic surgery loans), Husami has been dubbed “Doctor 90210,” though it’s clear when he lights a cigarette during our chat in his office that he’s more Beirut than Beverly Hills. In addition to socialites, Husami’s clientele includes belly dancers as well as royal wives from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The fact that the princesses from the Gulf states must be fully covered in public, Husami says, does little to diminish their craving for perfect lips, breasts, and buttocks. “When they’re with each other, they’re uncovered. So they get everything done.”

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